FOTC Highlights

Organized students and community activists in over 70 countries and 400 university campuses and communities since 2008 to participate in Congo Week

Partnered with Maysles Cinema and True-Walker Productions to present the sixth annual Congo in Harlem Film and Performance Series.

Partnered with global technology company Thought Works to develop a new online platform to mobilize a global constituency in support of the Congo - see

Completed the sixth annual Breaking the Silence Speakers Tour by visiting three countries, several provinces in Canada and 10 states in the U.S.

Collaborated with Congolese youth to organize Congo Week inside the DRC, which was highlighted by forums in Kinshasa, Kisangani, Goma and Lubumbashi.

Expanded the screening of Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering The Truth throughout the globe among faith groups, labor unions, environmental organizations, women's group, university campuses, and many other outlets.

Expanded (30,000 postcards delivered to date) the Dear John Campaign to call on Secretary of State, John Kerry to implement US Law PL 109-456 that authorizes the Secretary of State to support democracy in the Congo.

with Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church in California and Global Fund for Women to organize the third annual Congo Swim campaign to raise funds for women, children and youth in the Congo.

Participated as a partner and sponsor of the ninth edition of the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival in Goma, DRC.

Partnered with Congolese youth to organize the second annual Kimpa Vita Youth Leadership Institute.

Provided scholarships to Congolese university students who in turn committed to work for the development of the country.

Opened a new technology center in Kinshasa as a part of the Congo Connect Youth Initiative

Engaged a broad range of media outlets to articulate the challenges and prescriptions for bringing about lasting peace and stability in the DRC.

Completed the fifth annual Breaking the Silence Speakers Tour by visiting five countries, several provinces in Canada and 15 states in the U.S.

Select Friends of Congo highlights From Previous Years:

Collaborated with V-Day Harlem and Delta Sigma Theta sorority to raise funds for Congolese youth and women through presentation of the Vagina Monologues play at the Schomburg Center, Harlem, NY.

Partnered with the Minnesota Yoruba Cuba Association to expand outreach to Latin America to engage the Afro-descendant communities in particular and Latin Americans and Caribbeans in general in the Congo movement.

Facilitated the participation of Congolese youth in the World Wood Day program in Tanzania.

Organized commemoration of victims of the 1999 - 2000 battle between Rwanda and Uganda in Kisangani, DRC. Testimonies were taken from the victims of the fight between the two foreign armies on Congolese soil in a battle for diamond concessions.

Mobilized communities via the Break the Silence Speakers Tour which grew beyond the United States and Canada to include South Africa. The highlight of the tour was a keynote delivered by Kambale Musavuli at the 2010 Digital Citizen’s Indaba (DCI) and the Highway Africa Conference in Grahamstown, South Africa. Archbishop Desmond Tutu gave the closing address.

Engaged stakeholders in the electronics and tech industries to expand the dialogue around the role they can play in helping to bring an end to the conflict.

Organized rally and forum in Kinshasa, DRC with ASADHO to raise awareness about the plight of the multitude of handicapped persons in the Congo.

Appealed to the global community to address the injustices being perpetrated in the Great Lakes Region. Most notably were press conferences held at the National Press Club with a broad coalition of organizations working for change in Central Africa, collaborating with Spanish Members of Parliament to deliver petitions to the United Nations and hosting the lead author of the 2010 United Nations Mapping Exercise Report at a panel discussion during Congo in Harlem.

Provided support to students in Vermont who launched the Dear Hillary Campaign to demand accountability from the State Department in implementing the Obama Law (PL 109-456) as a means for advancing peace in the Congo. The students sent thousands of post cards to the State Department which resulted in an invitation to the students to visit the State Department on December 15, 2010 to discuss US policy towards Congo.

Coordinated the trip of a film crew to the Congo to document the efforts being led by Congolese to bring about social justice change. Stay abreast for updates on the often overlooked courageous battles being waged by Congolese to bring about lasting peace and stability in the Congo.

Provided testimony in the Canadian Parliament at the invitation of the National Democratic Party. Bodia Bavuidi, the president of FOTC Canada made a presentation to members of Parliament on the nature of the injustices being committed in the Congo and the basis for a global appeal for justice on the part of the Congolese people.

Served as official international observers to Elections in the Congo.

Organized delegation of Journalists and Professors to the Congo.

Secured resolutions from City Councils in the U.S. and major unions in Canada and the U.S.

Organized panel of Congolese Women Off-Broadway in collaboration with Pulitzer Winning Play “Ruined” and the Manhattan Theatre Club

Partnered with Japanese youth to host week of activities in support of the Congo at the University of Osaka, Japan.

Secured funding for Congolese health centers that treat women who have been victims of sexual violence

Support Congolese youth artists using Hip Hop to teach social justice to their peers

Toured the U.S. with renowned Congolese artist to raise awareness about the situation in the Congo