Blood Gadgetry -- Why I am Going to the Congo

After all, it is not only the fate of the Congo or the African continent that is at stake, but also the conscience of humanity. It is unacceptable that we look back at ourselves and admit that we stood idly aside while millions of human beings perished for the comfort of our cell phones and modern gadgets.Read article

The Mirage of Democracy in the DRC

The Mirage of Democracy in the DRC
By Mvemba Phezo Dizolele

The Kabila administration has fallen short on many critical fronts— notably, security, freedom of the press, decentralization of power, and individual freedom and liberties—and the quest to amend a constitution that is only four years old is reflective of the government’s misplaced priorities. One year remains in Kabila’s first term, and he is eligible for a second five-year term. As the incumbent, the odds are in his favor. But the tremendous support from his political base in the east has eroded substantially during the last year as a result of his government’s lack of progress on security. Without this support, Kabila cannot win in 2011. It is this new reality that drives his need for a constitutional review. Read entire article (PDF)

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Yole!Africa is a centre of art, creativity and cultural exchange based in Goma, Eastern DR Congo and Kampala, Uganda. It was founded in 2000 by Congolese filmmaker, Petna Ndaliko and Dutch anthropologist Ellen Lammers. Its mission is to promote peace through art and culture as well as to operate as a platform for exchange where young people from different backgrounds and social status can come together to express themselves through their talents.

Yole!Africa is neither a political nor denominational organization, through its programs it promotes and encourages value and respect for all human beings (regardless of race, origin, religion, ethnicity, gender, language, or economic status), and stands against all forms of exploitation or violation of human rights.

The organization seeks to promote and encourage art. It supports artists and offers them a place conducive to creativity.  It also wants to link the community and its artists to strengthen the common culture and identity. Through training, workshops and community events, it promotes dialogue and respect for others and wants to generate, through debate and reflection on current social and political issues, the awareness that everyone is an actor of his/her life and the society in which he/she lives and has the right and duty to make of it a better place. Support Yole with a financial contribution.