Lumumba Scholars

The Lumumba Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for students in need of financial assistance to pay their school fees. The average cost to send a student to school for one year is $450. Any amount you contribute will help.

The students are chosen by our coalition partners in the Congo. In return for their scholarship, they contribute to the elevation of the condition of their country through public service. The school year in the Congo lasts from September 15 - July 15.

With your generous support, Friends of Congo has been able to provide scholarships to Congolese students who are dedicating their lives to social change in the DR Congo.  We count on your participation in this effort to support the education of Congolese students who are committed to the development and reconstruction of their country.

Should you wish to receive a profile of the Lumumba Scholars it will be provided upon request.  You may contact us at