Smart Phone Drive

Congo Swim Launches Smart Phone Drive

Phone DriveThe media has not shined much light on the inspiring young Congolese of the #Telema Movement who are tirelessly organizing to document injustices and educate their communities about their civic rights and responsibilities. Since 2012, CongoSwim has supported this effort.  This year, some of the youth were killed and detained during protests and events.  Technology is a powerful and necessary tool for peaceful organizing. The youth have requested smartphones as a priority for communication, documentation and strategy.  Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are being utilized to instantly reach a massive audience. Unfortunately, many of these young activists simply do not have access to basic tools such as smartphones and laptops.

Kambale Phone DriveWith the 2016 elections approaching, the Congolese youth are working to end oppressive systems through rallies, civic education workshops and engaging in non-violent resistance. After many of the youth were pursued, detained and even killed by Congolese security forces, CongoSwim participants and donors joined advocacy efforts which resulted in the US Department of State issuing a statement calling for the release of the detained youth.

Technology deliveryBy helping us reach our goal of securing 100 phones by September 25th
, you join the growing list of individuals and organizations, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, supporting these young leaders. Let's help broaden the awareness of Congo from being just about the war that left more than 6 million dead, the plundering of the immense wealth of natural resources in the country and the devastating sexual violence. Our efforts to advocate and contribute do make a difference when we do it collectively.

How you can help:

1. Before September 25th, mail a new or used smartphone to:

c/o Friends of the Congo
1629 K Street, NW Ste 300
Washington, DC 20006

2. Donate to help purchase new phones and pay for connectivity plans. Click HERE to give online or mail a check to the above address and write 'phones' in the memo line.

3. Make a donation in honor of Keris Dahlkamp and the Relay Swim Team who will be crossing the width of Lake Tahoe on August 22, 2015. Click HERE to donate online or send a check to CongoSwim at the above address. Contact us if you want to learn more about joining the swim relay.

4. Advocate to release detained youth:

- Click here to sign the Amnesty International petition calling for the release of the Congolese youth.
- Tweet ‘#Freefilimbiyouth’ to the officials listed on Telema's advocacy page.

CongoSwim Team