Support the Women

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Hundreds of thousands of women have been violently raped, mutilated and terrorized by a host of culprits (Rebel Groups, Rwandan Soldiers, Congolese Soldiers, civilian population and even the United Nations). According to Dr. Mukwege of the Panzi hospital, approximately 90 percent of the violent rapes committed in the east of the Congo is done by foreigners.

The atrocities visited upon these women are hardly mentionable much less believable. They have faced gang rape, sexual slavery, kidnapping, forced incest, genital mutilation, torture, murder of loved ones and psychological trauma; all in an attempt to terrorize, displace and subdue the population.

The ultimate reason for the terrorizing of the women and displacement of entire villages by the perpetrators is to gain access and control of mineral rich land of gold, coltan, tin, niobium and other valuable resources. In fact, two types of systmatic rapes are taking place in the Congo; one is the violent raping of women and the second is raping of the resources by mulitnational corporations; and the two are inextricably linked.

Due to the impunity and absence of punishment of the perpetrators, rape as a tool of violence and control has pervaded the culture. However, in spite of the enormous odds, women and men have organized themselves to combat the culprits and provide support and comfort for the surviving victims of the atrocious crimes committed over the past fourteen years.