An historic opportunity exists for you to participate in raising awareness and mobilizing support on behalf of the people of the Congo as they strive to control their enormous resources for the first time in over 100 years.

You may participate by becoming a Friend of the Congo:

By becoming a Friend, you will:
BREAK the silence
STOP the pillaging
DEFEND women and children
PROTECT the environment
SUPPORT the people

Q. What is the friendship campaign?
A. It is a campaign launched by Friends of the Congo and its Congolese partners to garner support for the Congolese people from ordinary people in the global community.

Q. What will my contribution support?
A. Your contribution will support FOTC’s efforts to mobilize and raise awareness about the situation in the Congo as well as support groups organizing on the ground in the Congo to change the condition of their country.

Q. What is your goal?
A. FOTC’s goal is to establish millions of friends of the Congo throughout the globe.

Q. Does my name have to be published on your friend’s Wall of Support?
No you can become an anonymous friend simply by selecting “no” when asked if you would like your name to be included on the Wall of Friends.

Q. Is my contribution tax deductible?
A. Yes, FOTC is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization.

Q. What is the minimum contribution I can make?
A. Although we encourage our friends to make a minimum contribution of $10, you can contribute as little as $1 by entering the amount in the “other” area of the form.

Q. Is financial contribution the only way I can become a friend of the Congo?
A. No! You can become a friend by volunteering, helping to spread the word about our campaign and work, and numerous other ways outlined here.

Q. How can I continue to help the friends campaign?
A. You can help by encouraging as many people as you can to become friends of the Congo.

Q. How will my becoming a friend help break the silence, stop the pillaging, defend the women and children, etc?
A. Monies raised through our friends campaign does not only support our education and mobilization efforts but it also goes to support our partners on the ground who are directly addressing the myriad immediate problems facing the Congolese people.

Should you have questions that we did not answer in the FAQs, please email us at