The main request from local Congolese leaders is for others around the globe to build solidarity to help amplify their voices and build relationships with other justice advocates (climate, Indigenous, youth, human rights, artists and musicians). The global FREE CONGO movement is as important today as the Free South Africa movement was yesterday. Join us in the spirit of Lumumba as we stand in solidarity with the Congolese people in the pursuit of A free and liberated Congo and a Free and liberated Africa.

Join The Free Congo Campaign by taking the below action:

    1. Send Urgent Letter to Demand Tech & Auto Companies to Do the Right Thing
      • After sending the email letter, print and mail this postcard to help the companies receive the physical reminders of their responsibility. If you print 10, your friends can mail them too.
    2. Fill out this form to let us know the ways you would be interested in helping to build a global solidarity movement for a Free Congo. There is even an option to join a delegation to the Congo in June 2024.
    3. Donate to Friends Of The Congo (FOTC) and support the Congo Basin Coalition for the Rights of Indigenous People & Local Communities
      • This needed Coalition is formed by FOTC’s long-time grassroots partners working to
        • rescue children from the cobalt mines and support miners demanding accountability
        • organize forest protectors across the Congo Basin rainforest facing intense challenges from extractive industries
        • advocate for Indigenous and local knowledge to be respected
        • respond to emergencies from the climate crisis
        • advocate for democratic governance and community solutions
        • provide food and community media skills in camps for Internally Displaced People in conflict zones
        • provide cutting-edge reporting from the frontlines of the conflict in the east of the DRC
        • increase awareness of land rights to defend against land grabs
        • combat sexual violence and provide care for women’s health