The main request from local Congolese leaders is for allies around the globe to help build a global constituency to amplify frontline voices and solutions and support the courageous and dignified organizing taking place on the frontlines to achieve a #FreeCongo.

Join The #FreeCongo Movement by taking the below actions:

    1. Send Urgent Letter to U.S. Lawmakers to demand that Your Tax Dollars Stop Funding Conflict in the Congo (Options for UK & EU coming soon).
    2. Fill out this form to let us know the ways you would be interested in helping to build a global solidarity movement for a Free Congo.
    3. Donate to Friends Of The Congo (FOTC) and support the Basandja Coalition for the Rights of Indigenous People & Local Communities
      • The Coalition covers 10% of DRC’s 145 Territories and reaches about 2 million Congolese. It does the following:
        • provides food and community media skills in camps for Internally Displaced People in conflict zones
        • delivers cutting-edge reporting from the frontlines of the conflict in the east of the DRC
        • increases awareness of land rights to defend against land grabs
        • rescues children from the cobalt mines and supports diggers and miners demanding accountability
        • organizes forest protectors across the Congo Basin rainforest facing intense challenges from extractive industries
        • advocates for Indigenous and local knowledge to be respected
        • responds to emergencies from the climate crisis
        • advocates for democratic governance and community solutions
        • combats sexual violence and provides care for women’s health