Friends of the Congo in collaboration with Congo Love have reinvigorated and expanded the Lumumba Scholars initiative. Lumumba scholars is a scholarship program that assists university students in the Democratic Republic of Congo with their tuition fees. The Lumumba Scholars program provides annual scholarships for university students each school year from September to July. Students at all levels of the university are eligible to receive the scholarship.Scholarship beneficiaries are required to work with Congo Love in their local communities to carry out public service and conduct community education. In addition, the Lumumba scholars learn about the ideas and teachings of Patrice Emery Lumumba and transmit them to fellow students and members of local communities through study groups and community forums.

The students are chosen by our coalition partners in the Congo. The average cost to send a student to school for one year is $500. Any amount you contribute will help. In return for their scholarship, they contribute to the elevation of the condition of their country through public service. The school year in the Congo lasts from September 15 – July 15.



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Participating universities include but are not limited to University of Kinshasa, Academie des Beaux Arts, Protestant University of Kinshasa, Catholic University of Kinshasa, Cepromad University and several others throughout the country.

In order to become a Lumumba Scholar, students have to meet the following requirements:
1. Be enrolled in a university
2. Receive an invitation to apply
3. Provide record of good standing if already enrolled
4. Submit application by July 2nd of each year
5. Be a member of Congo Love or one of Congo Love partner organizations

After having gone through the Lumumba scholars initiative, the students will have developed a culture of discipline, excellence, and integrity. The program will nurture their sense of responsibility to the masses of Congolese and Africans. The program will reinforce their commitment to the whole and imbue them with a strict discipline that prioritizes long term group interests over short term personal needs. They will be at the forefront of shaping a Congolese culture grounded in service, justice and human dignity.

Should you wish to receive a profile of the Lumumba Scholars it will be provided upon request.  You may contact us at