Friends of the Congo offers remote and/or virtual internship opportunities for high school and university students during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Opportunities for internship work include:
1. Conduct research on grant opportunities for international human rights projects
2. Do background research on local and international organizations working on matters of human rights and rule of law in the DRC
3. Create archive or literature survey of research done on international human rights, resource exploitation, African social justice movements and environmental concerns in the Congo Basin.
4. Attend events at the UN, US Congress and Research Institutions in Washington, DC that relate to the Congo and produce reports from the events and write analysis for possible publication
5. Document latest news related to the Congo and write blog features and articles for Friends of the Congo’s newsletter.

Interns will have an opportunity to gain experience in areas such as peace and conflict resolution, social justice movements, international advocacy, social media activism, grassroots organizing, African politics, U.S. Foreign policy, and much more.

Please submit a resume to or call 202-584-6512 for more information.