A historic opportunity exists for ordinary people throughout the globe to participate in a global movement for peace and justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

No action is too small or insignificant. CONTACT US to get involved:

  • Donate to support FOTC partners (Education for child miners, Rural Health Clinics & Schools, Climate Justice Initiatives, Agroecology/liberation and Organizing for Movement Building)
  • Demand that U.S. tech and auto firms do right by Congolese children and their families
  • Invite a Friends of the Congo speaker to your university, organization or community


People throughout the globe are taking action and Friends of Congo is amassing the diverse actions to build a unified global movement in support of the Congo. Youth in Japan have organized forums, students in New Zealand have held demonstrations and cell outs, activists in California have screened films and passed resolutions in their city councils, house wives in Minnesota have raised funds, grandmothers in Tennessee have written to corporations, professionals in Washington State have divested from bad acting corporations, musicians in Columbia South America have written songs, journalists in Sweden have translated documents and much more is happening than we can list on this page.

Each and everyone of us can do something to bring an end to the suffering in the Congo and work with our Congolese brothers and sisters to bring about change.

We encourage you to bring your talents, skills, expertise, interests, knowledge to be a part of the global movement in support of the Congo.