Children should be learning, not working dangerous jobs.

Friends of the Congo works in partnership with L’association Comité Afro Européen  RDC in the old Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo to rescue children involved in mining of cobalt and other minerals.

The project is located on the Fungurume – Kolwezi axe in the mines of TRABECO, KAFWAYA, ZAKEYO, KIMILOMBE, POSTOLO, KANSALAWILA and DISELE.

Who Are They?

The children are found in the hundreds between the ages of 6 and 17 years old. The mine for minerals for two main reasons: one is to seek money and the second is because of lack of other activities for them to partake in.


The presence of young children in mining sites exposes them to the risks of loss of schooling, illness or even death due, among other things, to dangerous working conditions and the toxic effects of certain minerals. Parents and authorities feel challenged by this phenomenon but cannot find a solution due to limits of the appropriate means.

What We Do

The project consists of addressing the issues that lead children into the mines by paying for their schooling, supervising the unschooled and providing access to trades and training in masonry, electricity, and hairdressing. In addition, we occupy the free time of the children with recreational activities (libraries, settlements, etc.) and engage their families with income-generating activities.
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